Lisa's 18th- Baldwin Park Clubhouse

I had the privilege to capture Lisa's 18th Party.  A transition from a young lady to a woman, having her close friends and family together she was about to celebrate a joyous occasion.  Kind words were exchanged that made emotions grow high and tears flow down.  When her father surprised her by showing up at the party to dance with her, you could not help but share in the emotion and shed tears of joy!  For the two short hours that I was there, I was able to see how much they all love and appreciate Lisa as a friend, niece, daughter and sister.  

Lisa's B-Day-6913.jpg
Lisa's B-Day-6886.jpg
Lisa's B-Day-6958.jpg
Lisa's B-Day-6959.jpg
Lisa's B-Day-7080.jpg
Lisa's B-Day-7084.jpg

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