About Ana

My name, as you may have guessed it is Ana Howard.  I am married to a wonderful husband since March 2012 and I have two dogs and a cat.  No kids.  My love for photography has consumed me when I went searching for my own wedding photographer.  Ever since then, my perception of taking photos changed.  I love, LOVE!  Capturing love and personality thru a lens is what I love to do.  For my couples I like to give them their space so that they can enjoy every second they are together and have a memorable time when taking photos.  


Stuff about Ana:  

She likes to scuba

Swim + Cycle

Eats fish and vegetables

I love to play with my dogs and spend time with my friends

Fixer Upper (Joanna Gains <3)

We pride ourselves to give our clients the best service for their special day.  Keeping it on schedule and stress free.  I like to let the day unfold and capturing those truly unique and genuine experiences.  I only direct when I need to.  I like to let the couple show who they are and their personality thru the lens.  I am inspired by vintage film and modern art. I pride myself in delivering elegant, modern, journalistic creative timeless photos.

In hiring a photographer certain qualities are required such as: patience, ninja stance, direction and good sense of humor.  These are all qualities I practice.  I hope what you see in my work is what you desire to have captured for your special day.